The Lace Cardi

The Lace Cardi

The Lace Cardi by myrrhiafineknitwear featuring long skirts

Alice Olivia long skirt
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ASOS platform booties
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French connection

Forever New flower hair clip
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knits & pattern

knits & pattern

knits & pattern by myrrhiafineknitwear featuring stella mccartney

Spring 2013 Behind the Knits

From concept and inspiration, to choosing colors and patters, to production and knitting on our new Stoll machine, to all the creatives that go into our look book and website we’re going to make an effort to keep you informed!

Consider this our first “insiders” blog entry… here goes!

So last week we had our Spring 2013 photoshoot

The theme went a little something like this:

“A woman crossing space and time who has found herself in a strange and obscure place somewhat familiar, but only in her dreams; In a post apolocolyptic world where elements of tribal, nomadic roots meet artificial, futuristic creations of the most recent species. It is here that she finds her true sense of being – an intergalactic warrior goddess evoking elements of the past and future.”

In order to accomplish this beautiful shoot, we brought together some fantastic, strong women who were up for the challenge: a beautiful model, Nikia, who had been one of the pioneers a la pose back in the 90’s with a blog called model liberation; an amazing photographer from Los Angeles, Emily Sandifer, with years of experience in fashion photography; the lovely Rita on paint who has a new make-up and styling blog that’s about to launch; me, Andrea Krystine, creative director who specializes in ethical fashion branding …and of course the talented visionary, Myrrhia Resneck, who designed all these awesome pieces we were working with!

Our Lunch view

After the concept was concrete, I called up Rita (our make-up artist) for a little shopping in San Francisco’s Union Square.  We met for lunch at a little cafe, outside amongst the concrete jungle, and went over some make-up looks- making a list of colors and textures that we wanted out of the accessories to accommodate the styling.  After a full day of trying not to indulge in buying something for ourselves (so many pretty summer colors!!) we were successful in purchasing four pairs of shoes and accessories in regal gold with tribal inspirations.

Styling Accessories Galore!

I thought it would be cool to have a headpiece– something that would evoke the “goddess” feel of our warrior in her “gentler” side.  We made a final stop for some flowers.  I took them home and along with a wire hanger, and only a couple attempts, constructed a botanical headpiece that worked out perfect (phew!).

When the day finally came, Rita, myself, and photographer Emily hauled all our professional goodies in rolling bags to the BART (Bay Area Rapid Trasit).  The shoot was in Oakland, so we all met up at the Embarcadero and embarked under the bay via train.

Once we arrived in Oakland, we walked from 19th street, with coats in hand (it was much colder in SF) and rolled on over to 25th street where Myrrhia was waiting.  After setting everything up and moving our white wall several times in order to find just the right light (we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful natural light that comes through the sky lights of Myrrhia’s studio) Nikia showed up ready to be warrior-like.  Nikia had flown in from LA the day prior for a vacation. We were lucky to have caught her and we all had so much to chat about.

Then, we were onto the clothing rack and make-up!

Once we had look no. 1 established, we were off to shooting!

(AND, we had to go swiftly because we had 17 some items to shoot and only 4 hours to work with!)

Emily photographing Nikia

Putting the headpiece on Nikia

We all worked so well together that I think the only challenge throughout the whole shoot was just getting the headpiece initially pinned to Nikia’s hair! …And not disturbing our neighbors with our bad-ass Fela Kuti Pandora mix.

 NOW on to makeup look no. 2!
This time we were getting rid of nice warrior chick and going for a little more rage!  Rita used two metallic colors of cream shadow around Nikia’s eyes and made them smokey — almost like war-paint. She also added a little purplish-pink lip page.  Oh, and of course this headpiece was so awesome! (It’s actually one of the necklaces Rita and I had found on our styling trip, but hey.. it worked perfectly! Kinda reminded me of The Neverending Story)

Myrrhia doing some pinnage

The rug in the studio worked so perfectly with the gold accents and the whole vibe of the shoot.

Well all the pieces were shot and everyone was stoked about what we all had just created.  Happy, goofy, and a little delirious, we all agreed that we couldn’t have had a better team of ladies to work with on this project.

Andrea, Emily, Myrrhia, Nikia, and Rita

Keep in touch!!

((finished photos to come))